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  • Machine diskopravilny "Radial of M
Machine diskopravilny "Radial of M
  • Machine diskopravilny "Radial of M

Machine diskopravilny "Radial of M

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M radial

The machine a diskopravilny "Radial of M" is intended for restoration of disks of wheels of automobile and low-tonnage cars, including disks from the Gazelle car, the sizes:

• with a diameter from 13 to 20 inches;

• from 3,5 to 11 inches wide.

The machine allows to eliminate ovality, a radial and axial beating of a disk of an automobile wheel, to restore a profile of seats under installation of the tire, local damages. Restoration is made by method of simultaneous or consecutive bilateral rolling and an extract of an external and internal part of a disk stationary and rotary rollers.

Installation and basing of a disk on a spindle of the machine is carried out on fastening openings by conic nuts with a rigid clip of a nave that allows to make a rikhtovka according to the scheme of fixing of a wheel on a car nave. Thanks to it it is possible to restore more precisely geometrical parameters and to simplify balancing process.

Are included in the package of the machine stationary and two replaceable faceplates, on each of which are placed ranks of openings for fastening of disks of wheels of various brands and models of cars of import and domestic production.

Technical parameters:

Diameter of a rim is 13-20 inches

Width of a rim of 3,5-11 inches

Frequency of rotation of a shaft of 12 rpm

Supply voltage is 380 V

The maximum power consumption is 1100 W/h

Overall dimensions: in / sh/g 1200/900/1000 mm

Weight is 300 kg

Guarantee period of 10 years


Information is up-to-date: 16.08.2018

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